Phenotype MicroArrays for Mammalian Cells

Phenotype MicroArray Mammalian assays are cell-based assays used to investigate up to 1,400 metabolic and chemical sensitivity phenotypes of mammalian cells. They use 96 well plates pre-loaded with carbon-energy and nitrogen substrates, ions, hormones/cytokines and anti-cancer agents. Plates are inoculated with the cells of interest and Biolog’s proprietary redox dye. In some wells, the cells are stimulated and in other wells inhibited. The generation of energy-rich NADH by the cells reduces the redox dye and brings about a color change which is then read with Biolog’s OmniLog automated incubator-reader.



  • Correlating genotypes with phenotypes
  • Studying metabolic reprogramming in cancer and anti-cancer drug sensitivity
  • Drug discovery research and toxicity screening
  • Cell line and bioprocess improvement
  • Cellular metabolism, metabolic disorders, nutrition
  • Cell energetics, growth and death
  • Cell line QC and authentication





The MicroStation™ ID System is a versatile system, with the ability to identify and
characterize a wide range of environmental and pathogenic organisms across diverse
fields of microbiology. Using all Biolog databases, over 2650 species of bacteria,
yeast and filamentous fungi can be identified. Some bacteria can be identified in as
little as 2 hours. Just prepare a cell suspension and inoculate the appropriate

After inoculation and incubation, the MicroPlate is placed into the MicroStation
Reader for analysis. the unique metabolic pattern generated by the organism is
recorded and compared to hundreds of identification profiles in a corresponding
Biolog Database. the versatile plate reader uses dual wavelength readings to
quantify color reactions in the MicroPlate wells, adding consistency and
accuracy when reading the reaction patterns.

Biolog’s patented redox chemistry makes use of different carbon compounds
including sugars, carboxylic acids, amino acids and peptides to provide an
unparalleled wealth of discriminating biochemical characterizations. This diverse
set of tests enables our systems to identify microorganisms that other kit-based
methods misidentify or fail to identify. The MicroStation System, as well as the
OmniLog System, has extensive applications also for microbial community
analysis in soil, water, biofilms and other environments.




The HOMEX XS is an automated easy-to-use system for the homogenization of all kinds of tissues without sharp edges.

With the HOMEX XS the sample is homogenized and the filtered extract can then be used for analyses such as ELISA, PCR or other analytical applications.
It is an efficient, space saving machine with many advantages:

 High efficiency with homogenization of more than 100 samples per hour

 Optimized for extraction bags “universal”

 Adjustable rotation speed

 Adjustable homogenization time

 Stop timer function

 Ergonomic handling

Bellow, Please find user guide and product flyer of Homex XS and video with the homogenisation of a leaf sample.
Sample: leaf shown in the video is from a ficus tree (the leaf is relatively hard)
Homegenisation time: 20 sec
RPM: 100% = 1`500 rpm

HOMEX-XS Product Flyer    HOMEX-XS User Guide

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BIOLOG Technology & Business Focus

  • Fully automated platform for aerobic identification and phenotypic analysis for microbial and mammalian cells
  • Capacity to incubate and monitor up to 50 MicroPlates
  • Software supporting FDA 21 CFR Part 11 for microbial identification

BIOLOG - MicroStation

  • Semi-automated platform for microbial identification and community analysis
  • Software supporting FDA 21 CFR Part 11 for microbial identification
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