plant cell technology 

We are excited to introduce the latest addition to our product line,

the BioTilt™ (BT25).

The latest breakthrough in our product lineup, making the already simple and cost-effective bioreactor, the Biocoupler™, even more efficient.


The BioTilt™ automates the rotation of your Biocouplers™ at precisely timed intervals, optimizing the growth conditions for plant multiplication without manual intervention. The device is stackable and can be controlled remotely by mobile device or manually if preferred.

Croyez bio

Croyez was established in Taiwan in 2019 and is a leading supplier of protein research solutions. We believe that providing highly reliable solutions and services is a crucial aspect of scientific innovation, enabling scientists to push the boundaries further and achieve greater safety.

Their product portfolio spans a diverse range of applications in the field of biotechnology research, product creation, and treatment development. These include cell-based therapy. IVT mRNA-based therapy, and allergy diagnostics. Together, we are leading the charge in propelling biomedical science forward, striving towards a future where the eradication of severe diseases becomes a reality.



Mercodia- New Kit Box Design

You can expect to receive our new kit boxes starting from May 2024.



Agrisera – promotions

Free antibodies for testing!

Check out the complete list here.

New Agrisera antibodies, added to the catalog this month, can be found here.


The HOMEX XS is an automated easy-to-use system for the homogenization of all kinds of tissues without sharp edges.

With the HOMEX XS the sample is homogenized and the filtered extract can then be used for analyses such as ELISA, PCR or other analytical applications.
It is an efficient, space saving machine with many advantages:

☑ High efficiency with homogenization of more than 100 samples per hour

☑ Optimized for extraction bags “universal”

☑ Adjustable rotation speed

☑ Adjustable homogenization time

☑ Stop timer function

☑ Ergonomic handling

Bellow, Please find user guide and product flyer of Homex XS and video with the homogenisation of a leaf sample.
Sample: leaf shown in the video is from a ficus tree (the leaf is relatively hard)
Homegenisation time: 20 sec
RPM: 100% = 1`500 rpm

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