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In 1982, BIOREBA AG was the first company in the world to produce and commercialize ELISA reagents for plant pathogen diagnostics. This independent company emerged from a close collaboration with Agroscope, Switzerland. Since then, BIOREBA has established numerous cooperations with other research institutes and universities in many countries. From its foundation, more than three decades ago, the company has steadily grown and acquired a reputation for diagnostics of the highest quality.

Today, the research community and diagnostic laboratories around the world rely on our products for testing potatoes, grapevines, fruit trees, small fruits, vegetables, ornamentals and other field crops.

BIOREBA AG philosophy is to provide high quality products and services to customers to address their special diagnostic problems. Customers can benefit from their expert knowledge and long-standing experience, acquired by developing and introducing complete ELISA systems as well as AgriStrip, rapid assays for the detection of plant pathogens.

BIOREBA has well-equipped facilities for R & D activities and production of these tests, as well as an accredited laboratory for serological and molecular analyses of plant pathogens.
In January 2021 BIOREBA AG, Switzerland, and Qualiplante SAS, France, have entered into a global strategic alliance to jointly offer to the market a wide range of products for plant pathogen diagnostic testing based on molecular biology.
BIOREBA AG company also provides special equipment and disposables for the preparation of plant samples.
BIOREBA products are available worldwide. The BIOREBA team and an extensive distributor-network ensure a quick response to customer inquiries and prompt product delivery. their well-trained staff is committed to maintaining their high-quality standards.

BIOREBA has been awarded the internationally recognized Quality Management System certificate ISO 9001. Furthermore, their testing service laboratory has been ISO/IEC 17025 accredited for analyses of plant pathogens. With these certificates, they can continue to provide high quality products and excellent services and finally help you grow healthy crops.

Video with the homogenisation of a leaf sample

Sample: leaf shown in the video is from a ficus tree (the leaf is relatively hard)

Homegenisation time: 20 sec

RPM: 100% = 1`500 rpm

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