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ETC Endocrine Technologies

 Endocrine Technologies provides peptide synthesis and production services, supervised by our expert scientific team. We make a complete package of peptides, immunogen-conjugates and both polycolonal and monoclonal antibodies.Polyclonal and monoclonal antibody production . We provide a complete line of custom immunochemical services for academic institutions, biotechnology companies, and pharmaceutical companies.

Antibody purification procedures can significantly enhance the utility of polyclonal antiserum. In particular, affinity purification of polyclonal antisera provides a cost-effective alternative to monoclonal antibodies for procedures requiring antigen-specific antibodies.




Polyclonal and monoclonal antibody production

Antibody purification and characterization

High quality custom conjugates

 Immunochemical assay (ELISA and RIA) development

 Antigenicity/Immunogenicity testing for your drug

 Documentation for filing IND, NDA, and NADA


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