MicroSurfaces, Inc (MSI) develops and markets products/services that support universities, government research institutions, pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide in their efforts to improve the human condition. Specifically, we supply surface coating technology to the rapidly growing microarray, microfluidics, and biosensor industries. The core of this technology is derived from MSI’s proprietary chemical processes for the control and engineering of surface properties for immobilizing biomolecules, particularly proteins. Proteins are the primary structural, functional and signaling elements in the human body, thus, a comprehensive analysis of proteins is required to obtain a complete picture of normal and disease processes in the body. MSI’s surface coating chemistry allows the fabrication of next generation protein microarrays with exceptionally low background and excellent conformational control.MSI is also offering high throughput screening (HTS) services of compound libraries, drug candidates, & nanoparticle-based medicine. We specialize in the HTS of cell surface interactions in proteomics and glycomics analysis using our FluidArray® cell-membrane microarray platform.


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