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The Gel Company

Gel Company develops, manufactures and supplies innovative tools for Proteomics, Genomics, Cell Biology, Liquid Handling and Microarray to scientists around the world. We provide products with superior performance that are simple, safe to use and that are environmentally friendly.

Gel Company brings together over 800 products to create better workflow solutions and has a team of experienced scientists dedicated to developing new technologies and products as well as providing the highest level of customer support.Gel Company is able to provide its customers with prompt delivery and friendly efficient service – at a very competitive price.


ACCESSORIES                                                APPLICATIONS

Applied Biosystems                                     Proteomics

Bio-Rad® Laboratories                               Cell Biology

GE Healthcare                                               DNA Analysis

Gibco-BRL                                                      Microarray

Hoefer Scientific                                            Lab Essentials




OWL Scientific



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